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Pest Control Plympton, are not only a reputable company for offering our moth pest control services in residential but also commercial places. With a 24/7 booking service, we are your easy accessible moth control Plympton team. Our main purpose is to provide our clients with top-quality moth control services at money-worth costs throughout Plympton. So, to acquire an able team of experts, call now on 08 7184 5676. Because our experts not only give you nature-friendly services but also moth control post advice as they have experience of many years. 

We Make Your Place Moth Free With Our Pest Control Process 

Put an end to moth pests today with our moth control in house services as we have many to offer our clients. 

  • Inspection Of The Area

The types of moths you may find in your Plympton homes are white-head moths, brown-winged moths, cabbage moths and the list goes on. Therefore, to identify different types of moths at your place, dial to call our moth exterminators. Our moth control Plympton experts will be of great help! 

  • Remove The Cause Of Infestation

Our experts take identifying the moths as a simple challenge, as we already know every sign of moth infestation. A few of the common hiding spots of moths are wardrobes, corners that you don’t use regularly. However, only experienced moth control Plympton teams can help you remove the cause of moth infestations. 

  • Heat Treatment For Moths 

It is difficult to control adult cabbage moths such as white cabbage moths, as they eat away all the cabbages in your kitchen; especially in winters. Therefore, first, keep the other food items away from cabbages and put your attention on grabbing our winter moth control services. We do heat treatment for moth pests! 

  • Pesticides Spray

For the removal of moths in cupboards and pantries, you can use a nozzle to vacuum every corner, which also helps you to get rid of larvae and cocoons. But, if you don’t want to waste your time and avail hassle-free moth control in the house, you can count on our experts for pesticide spraying. 

  • Set Up Traps 

Moths are one of those pests which breed continuously in just a span of 1 to 2 weeks and infest your house heavily. So, be cautious to seek our experts’ help, if you want to stop their “creation of family” moments. Our experts are specialised in setting up pheromone traps for white moth gardens. 

  • Dead Moth Removal

Some people get rid of dead moths on their own by following DIY tips like using vinegar, vacuuming the carpets, moulding and floors. However, these DIYs cannot be your permanent solution for any type of dead moth control and removal. So, do care to call for our dead moth caterpillar control aid. 

We Provide Our Moth Control Services In A Wide Range Of Plympton Premises 

In addition to providing a wide range of moth pest control services, we also offer pantry moths extermination and carpet moths extermination. Also, we target to provide our services for both residential and commercial places with our moth control Plympton experts. 

Hence, you can avail of our help if you are one among the sector of eateries, hospitals, shopping malls, kids healthcare centres, etc. In addition to this, we recently got updated to the use of new tools for moth caterpillar control in manufacturing industries. So, be it any sector you are working in or a part of it, take our help in the control of moths. 

We Specialise As A Moth Control Company In Plympton

To identify and understand what types of moths are present in your homes, you need help from specialists in the moth caterpillar control industry. We specialize in offering: 

  • Emergency And Same Day Moth Control

Being cautious and alert about moth pest control helps in many ways, which prevents them from your living space. Although you develop a habit of storage and pantry cleaning, sometimes you may still need emergency and same day services. Then, you can feel free to contact us! 

  • End Of Lease Moth Control

Didn’t you pay attention to your place as a tenant and there developed moth infestation in every hidden corner of your place? No worries when you have our end of lease moth pest control right by your side. As a result, take the help of our moth control Plympton teams right away. 

  • Pre-Purchase Moth Inspection And Control

There is a high risk of moth infestations in unoccupied places, be it commercial or residential ones. There are also high chances of noticing moths during your sightseeing of the new house. So, before you purchase the house, we suggest you go for moth caterpillar control as your first option. 

  • Large Area Moth Infestation Treatment

Though moths have a very short lifespan, they can damage one’s bakeries and flour mills to a great extent. Hence, that is the reason, we also avail large area moth pest control services across Plympton. And once you book our services, we often take a good amount of time to treat moth infestations. 

  • Eco-Friendly Moth Treatment For All Moths 

If you consume the food moths contaminate, there are chances you will be exposing yourself to many dangerous illnesses unknowingly. Furthermore, you may also suffer from the triggers of asthma and allergy reactions. So, put a stop to these problems by calling for our eco-friendly moth treatments right today! 

Our Experts Are Mostly Suggested And Are Hired For Many Reasons 

If you hire our moth control Plympton team of experts, you may have a wide range of benefits from our side and we will list them to you. So, look here. 

  • Native Experts: We have native experts to dispatch for your single call bookings here at Plympton. How are they exactly helpful? Many ways! Call us to know more about our Native Experts. 
  • Budget-Friendly Charges: You might be fearing high charges in case of emergency bookings, but fear not with us. All the services we offer are budget-friendly. 
  • Eco-Safe Solutions: We supply quality services at the cost of eco-safe solutions to keep your health safe and secure. Moreover, our solutions have no chemicals! 
  • Service Without Delays: When you take a step forward to book us for moth control Plympton services without delay, we reach out to you within no time. 
  • Take Bookings On Holidays Too: All our moth treatments are available for bookings even during weekdays, weekends and holidays with no day as an exception. 


What problems do they cause me if I do not get rid of moths from my Plympton home? 

If you do not get rid of moths as quickly as possible, it will lead to:
– Asthma
– Allergies
– Breathing issues

What food items do moths like to feed on?

Usually, moths like to feed in places like bakeries and flour mills. Thus, their favourites are: 
– Flour
– Cocoa powder
– Grains and so on 

Are you available on weekends for pantry moth extermination? 

Yes, we are available. In addition to this, we are also available for carpet moth extermination at affordable prices. And for bookings, we are here from dawn till dusk round the year. 

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