Do Bedbugs Only Live In Beds?

Bed bugs are small creatures with six legs and shaped like apple seeds and brown in color. But do you find these creatures only on the bed? This question is necessary because many people confuse and they think it lives only in bedrooms. What are professional bed bug exterminators saying about it? Experts at Pest control Plympton says that bedbug removal is important as they suck the blood of animals and humans for their survival.

Where Do Bedbugs Live?

Naturally, bed bugs are most often present in beds, mattresses, box springs, frames, and headboards.  If the infestation is more then they also find their place in chairs, couches, carpets, furniture, walls, and curtains. Bedbugs are happy to live anywhere they get blood as their meal.

What Is The Sign Of Bedbug Infestation?

When you wake up with itchy rashes most probably this is the main sign of a bedbug infestation. However other signs of bedbugs are

  •         Eggshell, skin shed of bedbugs.
  •         Bloodstains on bed sheets or pillows.

Inspect your mattresses and pay extra attention to the corners of beds, bedspring coil, bed frame, wooden slats. Additionally, look beside furniture, drawers, dressing area, luggage area, frames, and wall hangings.

When Bedbugs Bite?

Most bedbugs are active at night usually when you sleep. Most bites are painless but they suck your blood and leave red patches on your skin. Bedbug bites are often confused with mosquito and ant bites.

Do Bedbugs Live For Many Months Without Feeding?

This is the fact that bedbugs can survive many months without feeding. Also, one female bug can lay 200 – 250 eggs in her lifetime. This is why you should regularly inspect mattresses, box springs, and pillows.

How To Exterminate Bed Bugs?

As you already know they are very little creatures, and it is difficult to remove them. However, if the infestation is not major then clean and dry all the blankest, cloths, and mattresses at the hottest temperature for about 60 minutes. And if you are not sure where they are present in your home then the best action is to call the professional. These bed bug exterminators are experts in identifying the infestation and give you a pest-free home.

Bedbugs will hide in dark, cool places and they don’t like tile as it is difficult for them to walk on a smooth surface. If you are having trouble dealing with bedbugs, then you should talk to a pest control Plympton professional. Hiring a professional bed bug exterminator will help a lot in such a situation.


It must be clear to you now that way to the bed bug live and how you can find out if your home is infested by them or not. Moreover, you will also get a clear idea of how to exterminate bed bugs from your home. So, make sure you take timely action and live peacefully without the interruption of these blood-sucking creatures.